Games and Tools Development

Edit to the original post created 28 August 2014. 

I initially created this site to support indie game developers and to create assets for use in the Unity game engine.

I’m a full-time Videographer / 3D Animator so my spare time is limited, but I was excited about providing my skills and knowledge to create assets for the Unity asset store and to work part-time as a contract animator.

I created this site in support of that journey but soon found I could not dedicate as much time as I needed towards the goal of developing assets for the asset store AND helping out small indie teams with contract animation support.

I worked on several released titles over the past couple years and was able to release a very simple, static, prop asset.

As 2017 rolled around I found myself with a burning desire to work on my own concepts that I’ve written over the past decade.   So I decided once I completed the final tasks on the contract I was on, I was going to refocus my efforts and start developing a game on my own.

As a non-coding animator I prepared myself for the battle ahead to start developing my own games. Game development is difficult, and that difficulty is multiplied when one does not know how to code. But with the help from an awesome tool called Playmaker I was prepared for the battle ahead, ready to face the struggle, embrace the suck and get on with what I needed to do.  I really crave the challenge of game development. I know from experience with modding and developing content for other peoples games how difficult it is, and I know it is even more difficult than what I’ve experienced.  But this is something I HAVE to do. I just have to.

However – as luck would have it I received a message from a close friend who I have badgered over and over throughout the years to develop a game with me. Every time the answer was the same, No,,, but wait,,, except this time, he said Yes!

So I’ve completed all current contract work to jump fully into part-time game development. I’m still interested in developing assets for the asset store because I have some really cool ideas for tools and assets that I know would help other developers create games, but for now until this first game is complete – I’m all in – with the help of my friend, developing my first game – Fantasy Tac#Tics Toe.  The game is best when played against another person.



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