First Asset on the Unity Asset Store

I released my first asset on the Unity Asset store. Chattering teeth! Check them out here.


My original idea was to create an animated version of the model but half way through the modeling process I thought developers may want to use it as a prop so I decided to release a static version with no rigging/animation data. The static model will have a smaller overhead which is helpful for all developers especially mobile developers who need to manage bandwidth as best they can.

The model has a moderate poly count (1084 triangles) with 1024 size textures so it can be used as a mid sized model, relative in size to a crate or a static platform in a platformer game.

I also supplied a reduced level of detail version, 586 triangles with 512 size textures.


I hope developers find this prop model useful. Now back to my original idea with some bonus material.

If anybody uses this model I would love to see screen shots of it in action. 🙂 Drop me a line and let me know.


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