About Good ol’ Boy Games

About Good ol’ Boy Games

Good ol’ Boy Games has been a game development studio developing games for over ten years….  in my head.

In reality Good ol’ Boy Games is the newly formed indie game studio, established in 2017 by Dwight Hayles.

About Dwight Hayles


Former 82nd Airborne 19D Cavalry Scout.

3D Animator

Mod community concept artist, modeling and animation development.  2000-2010.

Former part-time, freelance animator supporting Unity and Unreal small indie teams.  2010-2016

Active member of the online Unity community theANMATOR2B.

Full-time employee by day primarily Videographer and 3D Artist developing material in support of training platforms.

Newly established solo indie game developer by night primarily working on lone wolf or small team sized games that are innovative and captivating.

My interests in game design are to create interesting gameplay, top quality, intriguing visuals and animations, and captivating stories.


Currently in development – the innovative tactical puzzle game Fantasy Tac#Tics Toe




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