Fantasy Tac#Tics Toe


Fantasy Tac#Tics Toe is a game of Tactical tic-tac-toe Combat with game board Destruction and Fighting game visuals!

You have never played a game that advances the traditional rules of tic-tac-toe as well as this game does.

See for yourself. The demo is available on – Gamejolt, and Newgrounds.

The demo is best when played against another person.

The visuals are still in the iterative preliminary stages of development, but the core mechanics are solid and fun to play even at this early stage.


Are you tired of playing regular tic-tac-toe, or nine square with the same rules as regular tic-tac-toe?  As a kid how fun was it once you mastered the game? As an adult do you reluctantly play tic-tac-toe with your children and pretend to lose so they feel good about themselves for winning? But that isn’t the end, they want to play again, and again, and the game is basically the same EVERY SINGLE TIME you play.

Say NO MORE to regular tic-tac-toe  – Check out Fantasy Tac#Tics Toe.

Now your children will beat you without you letting them. They will beat you without you being aware you are about to loose. They will win and you will have to pretend you lost on purpose!

Fantasy Tac#Tics Toe is an innovative tactical game that improves and expands upon the traditional tic-tac-toe game with new, simple, elegant rules and mechanics that make tactics and strategy an integral part of the game.

In addition to new tactical gameplay Fantasy Tac#Tics Toe also adds fighting game-like magical attacks, interesting fantasy characters and environments, and compelling story narratives to play through and unlock.

Play solo to experience interesting story arcs and unlock additional characters, customizable attacks and skins, or challenge a friend to one on one battle with mystical characters and creatures to see if you have the skills to rank in win/loss steak leader boards.

Fantasy Tac#Tics Toe is currently in development and planned for release on Android, iOS,, Gamejolt and Amazon, with demo versions destined for Newgrounds and Kongregate.

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